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Gail’s passion for stones began at a very young age, asking her father if she could keep a sparkling stone from a driveway at five years old to collecting and admiring semi-precious stones and crystals today. 

During her career in lighting design in NYC, Gail was invited to attend a Reiki Center after work with a friend. It was at this Center where Gail was introduced to and studied the mineral world with Mika Nelson who studied under Katrina Raphaell.

With her newfound passion, Gail continues to study stone medicine under the Taoist tradition.

Gail has a deep understanding of crystals and their ability to balance and harmonize resonance, to amplify, gather, hold, direct, protect, generate, release and sustain energy. 

Other passions of Gail are learning about energy, frequency, sacred geometry, and traveling to sacred sites. Her experiences in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, and Stone Hedge/Avebury have expanded Gail’s awareness and appreciation for different cultures. 

Gail chose this platform to share and raise awareness of the mineral kingdom and bring more beauty into people’s lives through custom jewelry, home goods, and workshops.

Enjoy the Earth’s beautiful gifts of nature!

Contact Gail to discover how crystals can be used for manifestation and empowerment.

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