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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

With all the strife in the world today, I have been guided to create and share a crystal grid for PEACE in the Ukraine and extending the prayer of PEACE to the World.

The crystal grid I created is composed of semi-precious stones in the colors of the Ukraine.

Crystal grids are set up with an intention in mind and the properties of the stones enhance the intention, an energy field is created. Please join me in praying for World Peace if you feel drawn to.

A few different things you can do:
  • Meditate by staring into this grid an think of peace

  • Print out the photo above and post it on your refrigerator or a place you can see it often and think of peace whenever you see the grid.

  • Place a photo of the grid on your alter

  • Create your own peace grid, be creative or keep it simple.

  • Contact Gail to order your Sacred Stones Studio personalized gride theme.

I will be working with this grid for several weeks and welcome you to use a crystal point to energize the crystal grid each day or when you remember to do so.

Hold the crystal point and circle clockwise around the crystal grid as you speak out loud your intention.

You may hold the point directly over each individual stone and then when complete, spiral three times around in a clockwise motion afterwards to activate the grid.

Some of the stones used to create the peace crystal grid are listed below along with their properties.

Happy gridding and peace be with you.



Yellow Stones: Blue Stones: - Citrine-Positivity - Blue Calcite - Lessens Anxieties - Amber-protection - Lapis Lazuli - Strength & Courage - Sulfur-Purification - Sodalite - Emotional Balance - Yellow Calcite-Hope - Kyanite - Brings Tranquility - Dumortienite - Self Reliance


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