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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Crystal grids may be used for many different reasons and purposes with infinite designs to use.

Creating a crystal grid is similar to how Tibetan Monks create their sand mandalas for a prayer.

Instead of using sand of different colors, different color stones and crystals may be used.

A Few examples of crystal grid intensions are:

  • Manifesting something into you life

  • Attracting love into your life

  • Praying for a loved one

  • Attracting abundance to oneself

  • Attracting the perfect job for yourself

  • World Peace

I’m going to share another grid, a Matrix Grid, I learned from my crystal professor, Mika Nelson.

A matrix grid uses a chart of numerology.

As an example, I will apply the intent for World Peace again.

Matrix Crystal Grid - Draw a grid like the one below.

This grid has a numerology resonance to it as each row adds up to 15; 1 + 5= 6 to create a charge of energy.

The number 6 defines perfection and completion...because the world was also created in six days.

List the reason for the grid: World Peace

  1. List nine aspects for the reason: see below

  2. Find nine crystals to pair up with the reasons:

  3. See below

  4. Select a master crystal to charge the crystal grid with

Nine (9) World Peace stones:

  1. Citrine, Positivity

  2. Amber, Protection

  3. Sulfer, Purification

  4. Yellow Calcite, Hope

  5. Blue Calcite, Lessens Anxiety

  6. Lapis Lazuli, Strength & Courage

  7. Soldalite, Emotional Balance

  8. Kyanite, Tranquility

  9. Dumortienite, Self Reliance

Next Steps:

  • Once you determine your nine stones and reasons, place the stones on the chart associated with the numbers on the chart.

  • State the reasons and or prayers for you desired outcome out loud...always for the highest of all good.

  • Use your master crystal to charge each crystal by holding the point of the master crystal above each of the nine crystals in a clockwise manner.

  • Focus on the grid and what each stone stands for

You may work with the grid for how ever long you are guided to. When you are complete, you may end with a prayer of gratitude and then cleanse the stones under cold running water to recharge them.

In peace,


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