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Gail's one-of-a-kind designs result in naturally beautiful jewelry.


This hand-crafted necklace incorporates Variscite from Cerillos, New Mexico wrapped in sterling silver wire on a 17"-19" long poly cord. 


Variscite, also known as Utahlite, is a very rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses and crusts


Varscite properties have been known to include: 


  • Calm and soothe the mind, making it good for meditation
  • Help to think clearly and increases perception
  • Encourages self-expression and the communication of ideas
  • Provide for hope and courage
  • Stimulates the heart chakra to bring unconditional love and understanding to all situations
  • Helps with past-life exploration and memory  
  • Work on an astral and etheric level for healing via the Central Nervous System and at DNA level
  • Treat abdominal distension and helpful for blood flow problems
  • Relieve cramps and regenerates elasticity of veins and skin  
  • Heal the nervous system
  • Helps disorders of the male reproductive system, including impotence

Varascite Necklace

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