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Gail's one-of-a-kind designs result in naturally beautiful jewelry.


This hand-crafted necklace incorporates an Ammonite Pendant with a natural opalescent finish.  The iridescent sheen on these fossils is created by light reflecting off the layers with in the fossilized shell creating a colorful pearlescent sheen. The colors of purple and blue are more rare.


This Ammonite is from Madagascar and measures 2 " W  x 2-1/2" H wrapped in 16- gauge sterling silver wire. A 32" long sterling silver open chain and “S” hook is paired with the pendant allowing for any length of choice, and the pendant may be worn on either side for desired color to be shown.


Ammonites with their spiral form, represent time, eternity and evolution and are historically used for purification, reepels negative energy from the aura, and expands consciousness. 

Aragonite properties:


  • Assists in feelings of self-worth
  • Relives stress
  • Brings patience
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Spiritual Growth


Fossilized Opalescent Ammonite Necklace

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